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Our Disclaimer

We are not associated with any of the celebrities that are featured on our website. Furthermore, we do not claim that all of them are wearing lace wigs.

The celebrity photos are simply an illustration of how you can have your lace wig designed.

We will not compensate for any damage to your skin or any adverse reactions you may have from using adeheives or tapes.

Patch Test Recommended

If this is your first time using Lace Tapes & Adheive, we highly recommend performing a “patch test” prior to attachment to avoid possible scalp irritation or discomfort.

To perform a patch test: place a small amount of tape or glue on a sensitive area of the skin (typically the forearm, behind an ear or behind the knee) leave on the test for 24 hours. If no irritation occurs then the product should be safe to use. If the test area becomes irritated, develops a rash or redness, do not use the products.

Shades may vary depending on lighting on your monitor, you are advised to purchase one of our Glamorous Lace Colour Ring, Glamorous Lace Wigs